Security of the data a user discloses to a social robot is but one aspect this SIG considers. Actually, this group is about ethical robot design. Users should be safe in conveying to their synthetic confidante whatever they like, without companies and governments spying on their deepest secrets. Robots at ROBOpop are all about safety, security, ethics, and trust. Once we lose that, the whole social robotics project is down the drain. Moreover, users should be free to change the code as they seem fit. Transparency is the only defence against spying. The SIG Robot Security consists of privacy advisors, white hat hackers, integrity officers, and encryption specialists.


Sylvie Bleker-Van Eyk, Director Forensic, Financial Crime Investigations, Deloitte Risk Advisory
Ruud Schellekens, Manager, Deloitte Cyber Risk Services
Richard Stallman, President, Free Software Foundation, Internet Hall-of-Famer
Guido van ‘t Noordende, Whitebox Systems
Melanie Rieback, CEO/Co-founder, Radically Open Security