Teammember 1



  • Champion of Arts and Crafts

Lucas is a connector and catalyzer with drive and vision. Brings strategy to development. At his best by creating and strengthening innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial ecosystems. Lucas achieves this by setting up new partnerships in a changing context. Specialized in the field of crossovers between private and public, and between creativity, innovation, education, and business. Lucas studied Law, History, and Fiscal Law. He is an entrepreneur in those fields, advising at strategic level to local, national, and international governments, to knowledge institutions as well as companies. Lucas also helps IDEs in matters of execution by building ecosystems. Before he became an entrepreneur, Lucas was fiscal adviser at Arthur Andersen and a director of Development of Leiden University. He likes to focus on impactful societal challenges. Lucas also is a boardmember of several cultural institutions with a special love for the cello.